Bridges that Carried Us Over

On May 17, 2014 we had our kickoff “Bridges that Carried Us Over” fundraising event to introduce the community to our archiving project. Picture exhibits lined the walls as people from all over the Inland Empire filled into The National Orange Show Events Center

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The pictures displayed youth teams, social and political organizations, religious organizations, elected officials, shops, stores, school pictures, and other events African Americans took part in when their families settled in the Inland Empire and since then.


Some of the pictures where donated by organizations that could identify all the people pictured while other pictures where displayed with the hope that someone at the event would recognize them.


The event was emceed by founders, Wilmer Amina Carter and Ratibu Jacocks. Guest Speakers included The Honorable Cheryl Brown, Assemblymember representing the 47th district, Dr. Jacqueline Hughes, Associate Provost for Academic Personnel at CSUSB, Jill Vassilakos-Long, Coordinator of Special Collections at CSUSB and Dr. Daniel Walker, Director of Archive Development for Gospel Music History Archive at USC.


Here’s what people are saying about our event:

“I was able to enjoy each historical station and get a general understanding of what was going on in each photo…”

Ibrahim Mubashshir

“There was free food, music and a chance of an interview so that their voice could be heard.”

Shiane Jacocks

“Wilmer Amina Carter Foundation is driven to archiving Black history and making available to the public, which I think is a brilliant way for people of all walks of life to gain knowledge of Black culture. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of such a ground breaking event.”

Denise Morris

Donations will be used to support scholarships and training for university students, students from Wilmer Amina Carter High School, and community scholars to collect, interpret, and digitize the compiled data.